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OpenAudioMc Licence and Terms of Service 2020-2021 Build Status

By activating the software as made available on this website or through the plugin build you acknowledge that you have carefully read and fully understood the Terms of Services as described in this document/website and that you will comply with these Terms of Services.

The Terms of Services as described in this document are also applicable to purchases made through craftmend accounts ( on https://account.craftmend.com/) or other services/sites owned/endorsed by the openaudiomc project or Mindgamesnl

This document overrides the license as used before May 20th, 2020 at 7 PM (UTC+2)


  • The author of this document uses the term I and me to reference me, Mindgamesnl, as the author of OpenAudioMc.
  • I use the term Craftmend Account to reference personal accounts made on https://account.craftmend.com/
  • I use the term Client to reference any user using the website to listen to music or have it idle in the background.
  • I use the term Player to reference any Minecraft-Player who is online on your server.
  • I use the term OA to reference the OpenAudioMc project.
  • I use the term Data to describe any (stored) information used as input into OpenAudioMc (automatically by systems or manually by a Player)
  • I use the term Stored to describe data as being saved on our site, regardless of session duration.
  • I use the term Server to reference a Minecraft server or the current Minecraft server where a Player is online when used in the context of one.
  • I use the term Player UUID to reference a unique identifier to a Minecraft account owned by the Player, as provided by Mojang and/or Microsoft.
  • I use the term Client settings to reference settings accessed through Craftmend Accounts.
  • I use the term Server-Authentication or Account to describe a set of two UUID's to authenticate and acknowledge your server and be used as Tokens.
  • I use the term Ban to describe the issue of a statement to deny service to a specific Server based on their Server Authentication.
  • I use the term Voice Chat to describe the online calling feature (proximity voice chat), and its underlying services
  • I use the term Stream ID to reference a Player-bound unique ID that directly points to their voice stream (if enabled)
  • I use the term Mod or Moderator to reference a Player who has been granted the permission to moderate a Server.

Processed and Stored Data

  • Server-Authentication: These tokens are stored indefinitely and are randomly generated based. These tokens have timestamps attached to them (date and time of creation) but are not stored with other information about the request ( IP, or other)
  • Client Settings: Any provided Client Settings are stored indefinitely in relation to your Server-Authentication ( as described in the first bullet under "Processed Data"). The Client Url setting may be monitored when changed to check whether the specific client installation complies with the Terms (as described below). This is a semi-automatic process, where it only notifies Me when it changed, I then review the page manually and decide to issue a ban or not. (These terms are listed at the end of this document)
  • Online Players: The Server Authentication stores a list of the Player Names, Session tokens, Connection state and Player UUID's for everyone online on a Minecraft server that has OpenAudioMc installed. This data will be linked to a Craftmend Account if one is linked to the server (these sessions get cleared every time your server restarts or player disconnects)
  • Fatal client errors: Fatal client errors get logged in a private Discord channel where OpenAudioMc staff can look to assist in the help channel. This channel gets cleared every week. Logged data contains The player name whose client ran into a problem, the exact js error message and code, and the source that caused the issue (if applicable). This information will not be shared with third parties.
  • Craftmend Accounts: Craftmend accounts store and process provided information (email, password, addon activation codes etc) for functional purposes and aren't shared with third parties by me. (API keys can be used to expose some of this data, but the distribution of the key is up to you and your own responsibility)
  • Voice Chat: VoiceChat uses data from your Craftmend Account and Online Players to provide its service. Audio streams do not get recorded, but the most recent second of audio will get saved in memory for functional reasons ( buffering). In certain conditions, the audio stream will be shared with Moderators who do not appear in your list of voice-chat peers.
  • Dead Servers: OpenAudioMc installations that haven't been active for over a month and aren't linked to a craftmend account will automatically be deleted, rendering the installation dead. OpenAudioMc installations with linked craftmend accounts are allowed two months of inactivity (unless they have addons installed, in which case they will never be deleted)


  • Some products/services are made available temporarily. This means that they can be used for a set amount of days, starting on the day when you (which means: the user/admin) manually activate the installation. Every next day counts, regardless of the usage of the product/service (but exceptions may be made for events or circumstances outside your control).
  • Purchases/services/Your Account may be disabled by an OpenAudioMc team member without prior warning if/when the owning account (or owner of that account) violates the Terms of Services or participates/is otherwise linked with other behaviour related to OpenAudioMc that may be considered unacceptable.
  • If your account is disabled, banned, blocked, or otherwise limited as a result of violating one or more Terms of Services or by participating in other behaviour related to OpenAudioMc that may be considered unacceptable, your purchase will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Unannounced payment chargebacks will cause the product (and service) to be blocked for the entire account and may limit account functionality. Please note that OpenAudioMc/Craftmend is not responsible for any payment chargebacks ( this is handled by https://www.mollie.com/en)
  • Only products/services which do not meet the specifications as set out in the documentation are eligible for a refund.

Terms of Services

  • All services and features OpenAudioMc provides for free (so that's excluding partner and/or features through addons) may not be locked behind a paywall of any kind. Examples:
    1. You may not lock OpenAudioMc permissions behind paid ranks
    2. You may not restrict access to the web client based on rank, unless it's for selected testing purposes.
  • Every Minecraft server is allowed to host their own installation of the web client, given that it meets the following demands.
    1. The website has an unchanged and readable OpenAudioMc copyright notice in the footer.
    2. The website is not modified to function in ways that contradicts the needs of a Player (abuse, spam and related)
    3. The website does not communicate to the OpenAudioMc servers that fall out of protocol (or as released in any current/previous public release/beta build)
  • The Java plugin may be altered for as long as it does not harm Players or any other OpenAudioMc related services.
  • Disobeying one or more rules, terms or notes may result in the termination or a "Ban" of your OpenAudioMc installation or complete craftmend account.
  • The use of OpenAudioMc's backend servers always follows the rules and privacy statement as in the latest version of this document, no matter the released version use of the individual. Mocking these servers is not allowed except for Development purposes.
  • I do not provide any warranty and/or uptime guarantees for any of OpenAudioMc's backend services or infrastructure, but will go with my best effort. (doesn't apply for partnerships with whom I made a specific agreement)
  • I do not have to disclose a reason for a ban publicly or privately.
  • I decide whether a Ban is necessary and or deserved for any reason given in this document or as stated in the context of the ban.
  • https://craftmend.com/ (and its sub domains), https://openaudiomc.net/ (and its sub domains) and the original author of the OpenAudioMc project an are not responsible for user content of any kind (text, external links, voice data, etc.)
  • hereby gives you (i) the non-exclusive right to use the executable (object) code of OpenAudioMc as made available on our public Github repository (at https://github.com/Mindgamesnl/OpenAudioMc) (ii) to use the documentation solely in connection with OpenAudioMc.
  • You are not allowed to (i) use the software other than for the purpose of extending your Minecraft (or related) server; (ii) sell the OpenAudioMc client, services, or usage there off; (ii) give others the right to use OpenAudioMc.
  • OpenAudioMc/Craftmend contributors and maintainers are not obligated to provide support and maintenance.
  • You shall not obliterate, alter or remove any proprietary or intellectual property rights notices from the documentation or OpenAudioMc.
  • The right to use OpenAudioMc may – without any notification - be terminated if you breach one or more of the Terms of Services. If this is the case Craftmend/OpenaudioMc does not have to reimburse the fee (in whole or in part) paid by you.
  • Since we are not a professional software development team, Mindgamesnl/Mats cannot warrant that the OpenAudioMc (i) does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties; (ii) shall perform in all respects in accordance with the software specifications; (iii) shall not contain any virus, worm, virus macro, Trojan horse, or other component designed to permit unauthorized access, disable, erase, corrupt or otherwise harm the software; (iv) is fit for the purpose.
  • The total liability of Craftmend/OpenAudioMc/Mindgamesnl shall not exceed the amount of the total fee paid by you. Craftmend/OpenAudioMc/Mindgamesnl shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable to you for any loss of profit, or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with the use of Craftmend/OpenAudioMc.
  • Derivatives, forks and other copies/modifications of OpenAudioMc must follow this license and include it in their copy.
  • We are not responsible for who a server/community assigns to be a Moderator, neither are we responsible for any actions taken by a Moderators. Complaints should be handled by management/higher-ups of said community.


Users have the rights to get a full copy of their data and have all of their data removed through the GDPR. Please contact me (Mindgamesnl) in the OpenAudioMc Discord if you wish to do any of the above, or to terminate your account. (I will ask you to send proof of account ownership, either through a digital fingerprint or email confirmation).

Ending notes

This document is subject to change as the service grows with time. Changes will be linked to their corresponding update and mentioned in the Discord server as they happen. Spelling errors and changes reserved, Mindgamesnl 10th of February 2021

I am not a lawyer, nor do I claim to be one. I'm just a nerd with a computer.